A Lesson Plan For

Poem 8 - Putting it all Together

The Exercises Square_Maze310.gif (122 bytes)Poetry Study With Mrs. Mac

Objectives: To prepare students for poetry testing by providing practice in multiple choice and short-answer test formats.

Essential Materials: Poems to Remember. Edited by Dorothy Petitt. NY, Glencoe, 1984, access to an Internet computer and a word-processing computer, pencil or pens.

Class periods: two - four 40-minute periods (depends on class size)


  1. Select 3-5 poems from the text which have not yet been read or discussed. In addition to the poems noted in Lessons 1-7, the following are recommended:
    All in Green Went My Love Riding (135)
    Who Has Seen the Wind? (165)
    Berry-picking (168)
    "I scooped up the moon" (171)
    Daybreak on Avenue C (149)
    "Loveliest of trees" (127)
    Half Moon (117)
    "spring is like a perhaps hand" (114)
    Duck Chasing (98)
    "because it's" (48)
    Mushrooms (34)
    Mother to Son (26)
    The Microbe (6)
    A Parental Ode... (12)

  2. Have students work in groups of 2-3 complete the Poem Review worksheet (Word '97, .pdf, .html). Poems should then be presented to the class by the group.
  3. Have students complete the three exercises included in Exercise 8. The first two of these are web-based self-tests. The third is a sample poetry short answer test.
  4. Follow-up: Depending upon your goals, administer your own assessment, based upon poems from the above list or poems from other sources.  I like to use Ballad of Birmingham or another literary ballad (from Lesson Plan 7), a haiku or Tang poem, and a shorter poem like Meeting and Passing by Robert Frost.

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