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Available Texts - not a complete list by any means. Many other texts exist and can be purchased through  See also the E-texts links and Syd Allan's exhaustive listing.

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Lesson Plans - See also the links to various activities provided in Student Resources on this site.

Reading Questions - Questions are all for the Serraillier text. These are more than questions. They will, if answered in depth, result in the writing of an original, short, hero tale. In a laptop classroom, this document would be added to nightly or during class time. It could also be a hand written journal. The plot and other short questions can be either written for HW or discussed in class. The questions also contain, in bold, literary vocabulary that might be introduced in class.

Grendel ~ Grendel's Mother ~ Fire Dragon

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Essays Available Online

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Other Resources - also check Fun Stuff on the Student Resources page and the other links provided.


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