Types Of The Binary Trading Options:

Trading BinaryBinary trading is simply the trading of the binary options. If they are successful, they will provide a fixed payout, but if they lose, your whole investment will be lost. In the binary trading options, any asset class can be traded either they are currencies, stocks or any commodities. Therefore, these binary trading options offered by the Trading Binary are actually the buying and selling of the assets.

Binary trading prices offer an exclusive and unique method of trading the price of variables in the markets of the whole world. There are high rewards and high risks associated with these assets.

Binary trading offered by Trading Binary includes many different types of the trade. And each type holds its own value. One of the simplest types is the High-Low Call Put which is easily understandable by everyone. But have a look at all the types of binary trading options before selecting the brokers.

  • High/Low Call Put:

As mentioned above, it is one of the simplest and easiest options offered by BinaryTrading that is preferred by every investor as it is easier to understand by everyone. In this option, the investor has to predict that the price of the trading options will either go upward or downward in a specified time. After the expiration date of the time, the actual price will be shown. If the investor has made the correct prediction, he will be successful and he will get a 90% payout on his investment. But if the investor has made a wrong decision, then it will result in the complete loss of his entire investment.

  • One Touch:

With this option of binary trading, an investor has to predict that the asset price will reach a certain value before the end of the time given. Let’s take an example here. The trading asset of the investor is $1300 with the expiration date of one week. Now, the investor will be asked for the two options. If he selects the Call (Up) option, it means that the price of the asset will increase and reach $1500 in at least once a week. But if the investor selects Put (Down) option, then it suggests that the price of the asset will not reach £1500 once in the week. So, you can win the price of the asset if you predict the right option.

  • No Touch:

Similar to the Call or Put option, no touch provides you to select the price that the asset will not be able to reach within the time specified.

  • 30 Seconds:

Similar to the Call and Put method, the investor has to select the price of the asset within a short period of 30 seconds.

  • Option +:

This is another option that is presented by only a limited number of brokers. They offer the option to bring back the assets. This is the option which consists of in and out of your money but they present major variables to the brokers and they are not offered by every binary trading options broker.

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