Why Logbook Loans Beat Payday Loans Any Day

payday applyPayday loans are quickly becoming popular loan options in the UK. A lot of people going through really tough times take out payday loans regularly. However, despite their popularity, payday loans can be quite troublesome and account for some of the worst debt snares in the UK today. This post is about why payday loans can be disadvantageous and why you should take a logbook loan today instead.

What are payday loans?

These are short term loans taken especially by people who have poor credit, where the money lent is paid back by the next payday. It works by having the borrower sign a postdated cheque which gives the lender the right to their paycheck as soon as it arrives. This can be beneficial for people in a tight spot, but the problem exists for those who do not have another source of income, as it will trap them in a cycle of debt forever and ever.

It is easy to miss a payday loan repayment and once you do so, you are trapped in the cycle of debt. This therefore shows that payday loans cannot serve as any kind of long-term solution because in essence, the borrower will just be rolling their debt to the next payday.

Pay day loans are also really expensive. While the interest rates are reasonably high, considering they are not secured loans, they can however skyrocket up to 1000% on a small amount of money and cause a lot of problems for the borrowers who are often already in financial distress. The terms on the contract for payday loans are also very often obtuse and confusing such that the borrower, who is often in a hurry to sign anyway, ends up losing in the end.

Payday lenders are often unscrupulous in their dealings and can use many slightly illegal methods to drive borrowers to pay back the money owed them. It is very wise to watch out and be careful when dealing with payday lenders, because they can be fraudulent.

Only individuals who are employed fulltime are usually eligible for payday loans. Those receiving social assistance, working at part time jobs or those not owning a current back account cannot be eligible for payday loans.

Why logbook loans are more awesome

Unlike payday loans, which offer only £1000 at the most, logbook loans can offer as much as £50000 with the ceiling determined by the value of the vehicle being set in lieu of the loan. Logbook loans are an excellent source of funds for long-term loans or for individuals looking for a permanent way out of debt. The entire process of logbook loans are governed and monitored by strict regulations covered in the Bill of Sale act of 1878, amended in 1882.

Logbook loans can also be accessed by anyone, irrespective of their job or qualification. The only prerequisite is that the applicant has a fully serviceable vehicle (car, truck or even motorbike) that is less than 8 years old. Also, if you do not have a current bank account and you believe in dealing with cash, a logbook loan has you very well covered.

Types Of The Binary Trading Options:

Trading BinaryBinary trading is simply the trading of the binary options. If they are successful, they will provide a fixed payout, but if they lose, your whole investment will be lost. In the binary trading options, any asset class can be traded either they are currencies, stocks or any commodities. Therefore, these binary trading options offered by the Trading Binary are actually the buying and selling of the assets.

Binary trading prices offer an exclusive and unique method of trading the price of variables in the markets of the whole world. There are high rewards and high risks associated with these assets.

Binary trading offered by Trading Binary includes many different types of the trade. And each type holds its own value. One of the simplest types is the High-Low Call Put which is easily understandable by everyone. But have a look at all the types of binary trading options before selecting the brokers.

  • High/Low Call Put:

As mentioned above, it is one of the simplest and easiest options offered by BinaryTrading that is preferred by every investor as it is easier to understand by everyone. In this option, the investor has to predict that the price of the trading options will either go upward or downward in a specified time. After the expiration date of the time, the actual price will be shown. If the investor has made the correct prediction, he will be successful and he will get a 90% payout on his investment. But if the investor has made a wrong decision, then it will result in the complete loss of his entire investment.

  • One Touch:

With this option of binary trading, an investor has to predict that the asset price will reach a certain value before the end of the time given. Let’s take an example here. The trading asset of the investor is $1300 with the expiration date of one week. Now, the investor will be asked for the two options. If he selects the Call (Up) option, it means that the price of the asset will increase and reach $1500 in at least once a week. But if the investor selects Put (Down) option, then it suggests that the price of the asset will not reach £1500 once in the week. So, you can win the price of the asset if you predict the right option.

  • No Touch:

Similar to the Call or Put option, no touch provides you to select the price that the asset will not be able to reach within the time specified.

  • 30 Seconds:

Similar to the Call and Put method, the investor has to select the price of the asset within a short period of 30 seconds.

  • Option +:

This is another option that is presented by only a limited number of brokers. They offer the option to bring back the assets. This is the option which consists of in and out of your money but they present major variables to the brokers and they are not offered by every binary trading options broker.

Why I should choose Myloan Singapore?

There are several companies which are working to provide personal loan in Singapore. This is a normal service, mostly availed by people in some sort of personal emergency. Any kind of need can be met through these loans and also the lender does not apply any restrictions regarding the use of this amount. This is totally different from that of the business loans, where an individual is bound to consume the borrowed amount only in the specified business. Apart from that it is also important to provide several documents and evidences of the business; besides the business is also monitored and verified. Personal loan can be used for any purpose and you don’t need to give any detail about it.

For the purpose of availing personal loan Myloan.sg is a good choice for everyone. It has lots of ideal features for which people choose this company. First of all the application system of the company is very simple, through which people can be linked with the best lenders in the country. This is not a single option as a lender but this mainly a network of lenders in Singapore who are listed on the basis of their credibility and authenticity. All the lenders on the list have to follow the uniform terms and conditions set by Myloan. The company link these listed lenders with those who use this simple procedure which is available online. The website provides simple guideline about the system to be followed to avail online.

The website runs a loan application system through a loan calculator which comprises only two indicators related to the loan; required amount of money, and the period to payoff this loan. On submitting this information, the calculator is directed to information filling page that only comprises primary information about the applicant, which is name, and contact details of the person. The procedure is so simple that anyone can do it very easily and it does not require anything complicated; only a few minutes are enough for application. As soon as the information is transferred through the website, the applicant gets confirmation and the lender is connected with him. Surprisingly the client will be contacted by the company representatives within a few minutes after submission of online application form, and this is not restricted by any specific day or time. The team of experts is always ready and active for their clients, any day any time when they receive an application.    

The company chooses only selective lenders to add in the list. Credibility and authenticity are the major parameters which are not compromised on any condition. All the lenders are bound through the company for fast approval, so that is does not disturb the client. This way emergency need is fulfilled through a rapid amount disbursement on the right time. All the lenders follow the policies and APR which is set for the company to facilitate the customers at their best. All these features are the answer to the question that people ask about Myloan about being the best choice in the market.    

Poor credit loan options for UK residents

Credit history is the benchmark which sets the limits for the loan. It may be easy and even alluring to fall into trap of the credit history where one can end up with no loans from the banks. There are high chances that a person is rejected to get loans from the mortgages as well. In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to borrow money. Even if you have a good credit history it can still be difficult to obtain a loan from a bank as a person has to go through the trouble of documentation and long waiting time as well. Many banks are disinclined to lend to people with bad, little or no credit because they consider them to more of a risk to lend money to. So if you do have bad credit or have been refused a loan elsewhere for any number of reasons you cannot get the loan so easily. People with poor credit history suffer in terms of loan processing, high interest rates and the guarantor as well. In that case there are various options available to the UK residents and one of them is highly acceptable logbook loan.

There are various options available for the people of UK with the bad credit history. The range of such loans can accommodate people with some form of impaired credit rating. There’s no single “bad credit loan”. Typically these loans have higher costs or need some form of security or guarantor. Some of them are related to personal loan, guarantor loan, car loan and many others. Some of them are secured and some are unsecured and in both cases; the purpose of the credit is fulfilled.

Guarantor Loan: Guarantor Loans are normally the larger/longer term loans and that are unsecured form of the loans. A person has to pay around over 1 to 7 years and one has to shown the grantor as a security and an agreement binds that person to pay the amount in case of failure from the borrower.

Personal Loans: Such kind of loans is almost same as of guarantor loan; yet they have o be paid between 1 to 5 years period time. In that case a person has to show some credit history score as well.

Car Finance: Car finance is a kind of loan; in which a bank pays a certain amount of money as upfront amount against the worth of the vehicle. In that case car is not under the possession of the owner until the entire amount is being paid by the user and yet h/she has to pay monthly/quarterly installments to bank.

Logbook loans: the widely accepted loans which are against the owned vehicle of the customer are known as logbook loan. Such kind of loan can be used against the vehicle which is already in the use of a person and there are no strings of finances attached to that loan. There are number of lenders that can credit the amount as per the value of the car. Hence amongst all logbook loan is the preferred one amongst the residents of the UK. Visit LogbookCalculator.com for more details.

The Way to Control Bad Credit Rating

bad-credit-loans-In the financial world, loans may be regarded as either a good purpose loan or a loan, which can be avoided. A good purpose loan is one, which is required to meet the basic needs of life including educational and shelter needs. Example of Bad debts are the loans that are required to buy things, which one can live without as well. These may include credit cards and other such loans which are very costly. A few significant points that are essential for evaluating your credit situation include the following:

  • Debt to Income Ratio:

This financial ratio is very important and is calculated when we divide one’s debt by one’s income. To get the figure for one month, these amounts should be on monthly basis. This ratio depicts the credit worth of the borrower and whether he or she has the capacity to furnish this loan. The financial calculations are given below:

Monthly Loan (this will include all payments like house mortgages, house rents, auto loans, equity loans for house, consumer loans, educational loans, credit cards and any other debts).

Monthly Income (Net earnings of the business or net salary, any regular bonus payments or overtimes on monthly basis, interest income or any other source of income in a month).  Be careful when including any earning that is not of a fixed nature such as overtime – your employer could reduce or eliminate overtime as a cost cutting measure and your calculations would be vastly overstated.

Debt to Income Ratio = Total Monthly Loan/Total Monthly Income.


Once you have calculated the ratio you need to interpret it to find the credit worthiness of the borrower. Any ratio with a value of 36% or lower is considered to be a good credit ratio. While persons with a ratio of 30% or less have an excellent debt ratio. Any person with a ratio of 36% or more is more likely to default and hence have to pay high interest rates for any loan.  A ratio that exceeds 40% would most definitely mean you have a poor credit rating for loans. Different loans require different values of debt to income ratios. The ratio can be improved by reducing the amount of debt you have or increasing your overall monthly income.

Apart from the debt to income ratio, the lenders often look at the credit history or ranking of the potential borrower.  This value is calculated in a complicated financial and statistical manner and cannot be understood by a simple borrower.

It is essentially important for any person to keep a close watch on his or her financial position on a regular basis. It will help him or her assess his/her credit position and see if the loans that are outstanding against the person are satisfactory. This will help in keeping control of the person’s financial debt and avoid any bad or stressful situations. Even people with a bad credit history may be holding a loan for bad credit from http://www.creditpoor.co.uk and are likely to default on that, if the financial burden is too much. So keeping a close watch on your debt situation is vitally important for us all.

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