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Lessons and Resources for Middle School and High School

The lessons, activities, materials and resources contained in this site were developed for teachers wishing to integrate study of the Wabanakis of Maine - the Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Micmac and Maliseet - into existing or new curricula. Integral to their development is my on-going participation with the Wabanaki Committee. Without the knowledge, guidance and criticism of the members of this committee, I would not have become committed to what has become the almost daily expansion of my knowledge and understanding of the Wabanakis and of Indian stereotypes. These lessons and resources are a gift freely given to students like myself.

Visitors to this site are encouraged to offer feedback and suggestions for expansion and/or change. Find a form at: Elizabeth Sky-McIlvain

Wabanaki Lessons

by Elizabeth Sky-McIlvain

Online & Print Resources

for Wabanaki Study

Hands-on Stereotypes Box

a "traveling exhibit" of stereotypical materials (books, commercial products) and short lessons that can be borrowed by Maine schools

Indian Stereotypes

lessons, activities and resource materials focused on the nature of Indian stereotypes and upon recognizing their effects and existence today

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